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FourH - My Promise To You...

FourH is a new lifestyle fashion brand; which blends country and couture in boutique, hand-crafted products that will lift your look, and your spirits.  

FourH -Heritage, Heart & Honour by Harriet- is more than a brand.  It's more than happiness in a handbag.  It's a promise. 

A promise that the fabric of FourH will always be woven from the HERITAGE of this great land, using the finest Harris tweeds and leathers. 

A promise from a country girl who's HEART is devoted to horses and hounds. 

A promise to always HONOUR the greatest traditions of our master craftsmen. 

And a promise from HARRIET to be honest and true; to never compromise on quality; and to always strive for perfection.  

Because you deserve nothing less, than a promise fulfilled. 

FourH. For You. Always.

Harriet x