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Barrington Xl Bag In Leather

Barrington Xl Bag In Leather

Barrington Xl Bag In Leather



Beautifully Crafted From Natural Leather, Our New Xl Holdalls Are Perfect For Uk Travel By Car Train Or Horse Box. Featuring The Classic Snaffle Bit & Saddle Inspired Design; Equipped With Metal Feet For Protection Against Wear & Tear. Each Bag Has A Detachable Shoulder Strap With Padding, With Inner Zipped Pockets, Two Inner Compartments, 3 Front Fixings And A Double Ended Zipped Enclosure

 Natural Leather ware range is made from quality Buffalo Leather manufactured to be rugged and hardwearing. The Leather is created using the pull up technique, which means the natural oils are absorbed into the leather and change to the lighter colour when the leather is moved or pulled, changing over time to give a unique look to each and every bag. Movement or use of the bags will add to the natural patina of the leather traces of wear and tear can be removed by polishing with a soft dry cloth.

Fine Leather is made from pressed cow leather designed to give an all over uniform perfect finish. This Leather is softer than our Buffalo Leather, giving a lighter weight fine finish.

Dimensions: L: 65cm
W: 30cm
H: 34cm